By stephanie sjan - October 21, 2017

It's sunday already and I felt time flies so fast, isn't it? What do you do on sunday guys? I've been went to church and support my team for christmas celebration soon then back to home. Sometimes I go out with my mom and sometimes with whole family but for today, I just want to take a rest because I got painful on my waist since last thursday. Hopefully it will get well soon.

Let's talk about outfit. Last month, I received a gift from my aunt. It's a dress and it's beautiful with floral details. She gave me because it doesn't fit to her and I'm so grateful to received it. This dress from italian brand name Massimo Rebecchi and I guess this dress from their old collection but it's okay, it looks fabulous anyway. So excited to share with you guys in this blog. Scroll down and enjoy! :)

Heels - Yongki Komaladi (Local Brand)
Necklace & Bracelet - Unbranded

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