By stephanie sjan - November 13, 2017

I'm in the mood to looks edgy for today post. Actually it isn't my personal style but I wanted to try it. I'm searching on the google to get some inspiration about edgy style. I started to think when you wear black and white actually you already have an edgy style because mostly to make an edgy style, the color mostly are a dark color such as black, navy, etc. It almost like monochrome but with different touch. But not only that, for today's look I add some scarf and fedora hat to rock this look. I realize that the power of fedora hat are super awesome. It makes the whole look looks complete especially if you want to go out and want to looks a little bit edgy, just add fedora hat. Then, I add a scarf that have same color like my clothes and at the same time I feel like back to rock n roll on 80's era.

So here they are my edgy look (or not so edgy) for today post *scroll*

Top - Unbranded
Blazer - Thrift Shop
Scarf - Auntie's scarf
Jeans - Unbranded
Hat - Fab.Id (Local Shop)
Heels - Yongki Komaladi (Local Brand)



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