By stephanie sjan - November 06, 2017

I had a great time with my mom last week. We went to Pizza Hut because I wanted to ate their salad and pasta for lunch. After we ate lunch, we went to supermarket to bought some stuffs and I decided to took some photos around. It was such a lazy day so I didn't dress up and beside that we just went to the same place over and over again (yeah.. the consequence living in small town). And last, we had fro-yo date! Oh I love frozen yogurt especially that yogurt from J.COOL and my favorite topping are granola, almond, grape, peach and litchi but unfortunatelly that litchi wasn't stock yet.

So that's it guys. Do you want share what's your favorite activity? Please tell me :)

enjoying my fro-yo

Anyway for the outfit that I wore mostly unbranded except that slip on that I got from This Is April (a local brand).

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