By stephanie sjan - November 20, 2017

Today's post is a styling post about How I Styling A Jumpsuit. I got a black basic jumpsuit and I'm gonna style it in to two looks. First of all I'm not good at styling, I just make it based on my personal style so if you have an input for me, please don't hesitate to leave a comment. So, let's get start it!


For the first look, I make it looks formal, chic, and kinda cute. I add a long sleeves basic shirt as an inner to my jumpsuit and a slip on for making formal look. Next, I add a round glasses to make it chic and a little bit nerd. Then for the hair I make it in to half bun hairstyle for cute look. Of course you can make your hair straight or ponnytail if you don't want a cute look. Oh and anyway I tie up this jumpsuit in the front. So here's the complete look *scroll down*

Jumpsuit - ADA (Local Brand)
Shirt (worn as an inner) - Vintage
Glasses - Unbranded
Slip On - This Is April (Local Brand)


The second look is a simple look with a darker touch and quite edgy. Actually, I want this second look, looks like a tourist but it was failed (I guess). I wore a basic jumpsuit with no inner. I add a necklace for the details. Then I wore a fedora hat to make it stylish and I wore a simple sandals and a sunglasses. In this look, I didn't tie up my jumpsuit. Well, I suggest you to wore a rattan hat and rattan bag if you want to looks like a tourist (unfortunatelly I don't have rattan things in my wardrobe). I hope you enjoy this second look as much as I do *scroll down*

Jumpsuit - ADA (Local Brand)
Necklace - Unbranded
Sunglasses - Unbranded
Hat - Fab.Id (Local Store)
Sandals - American Eagle

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