By stephanie sjan - November 08, 2017

Today's post is a styling post. I'm not good at styling actually but I love to mix n match some stuff even it doesn't match. Today I will styling my sweatpants. I make into 2 looks: casual look and formal look. Let's start it *scroll*

Casual Look

As you can see almost all of my style is casual. So I love styling everything into casual look. Casual style is same like my comfort zone. In this look, I wore my sweatpants with turtleneck top and I add vintage denim shirt that I got from my dad's closet. For me, denim always a good way to make a casual look and sometimes a little bit boyish look. I think when in doubt you not always wearing black but also denim, right? Next, I add a hype trend nowadays, a biker boy hat. Yes, a biker boy hat is such an unpredicted items that's gonna be hype now. This hat makes you look more casual than you thought. Don't forget to add a sunglasses and sneakers to rocked this look.


Top - H&M
Denim Shirt - Vintage
Biker Boy Hat - Unbranded
Sunglasses - Unbranded
Sweatpants - Bangkok

Formal Look

Second look is a formal look. If you think that sweatpants doesn't match with formal look, maybe you should re-think again. This is how I styling my sweatpants into formal look. I wore a deep v-neck blouse and also a black blazer that I got from thrift shop to make it looks formal. Usually when you add a blazer and blouse/shirt, it's already help you to make it into formal look. If the deep v-neck blouse is too sexy you can add a tanktop as inner that have same color like your blouse or a basic tanktop color (black & white). Last don't forget to add some accessories like watch and simple bracelet and pair of high heels to complete this look. Actually, it seems like a formal but quite edgy look.

Blouse - Unbranded
Blazer - Thrift Shop
Sweatpants - Bangkok
Watch - Unbranded
Bracelet - Unbranded
Sunglasses - Unbranded
Heels - Yongki Komaladi (Local Brand)

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