By stephanie sjan - December 30, 2017

Hello guys! It's Sunday 30 in Indonesia, we almost new year here. Do you excited about 2018? I really do! I can't wait get lot of surprise from God for the next year. This year I learned a lot and still learning until now to be a better person. I lose many things this year but I received more, more than I can imagine and more than I can expected. I spend most of my time in my second hometown, Manado. I met new people which is they become my new family in Manado, I could spend most of my time with my whole family and yesterday we've just went outside to family trip which is I never did a family trip with my dad, mom, and my brother since the last time we went out for family trip when I was still a kids. Also my relationship with God got healed day by day and it's affect my relationship with others like family and friends got healed too. Many people make a resolution for 2018 but until now, I don't know what's the resolution for 2018, the only thing I can think is I want to make a better relationship with God, that's it. So what's your resolution guys? 

2017 thank you for the lesson and 2018 I'm ready! :)

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