By stephanie sjan - December 22, 2017

Hello! I can not sleep this night, it's already 3 AM in Indonesia and I decided to make a blog post. Yesterday, on Friday 22, we celebrate mother's day for Indonesian people. Every year when mother's day came I always bought my mom a present. I know that my present can not be replace for what she has done for me. I just can't thank enough for my super mom. She always pray for family, she accepted me just the way I am even though I make a huge mistake and disappoint her over and over again but her love never change. I remember when I was in high school, when I got a big problems that shake my whole family, my mom still beside me, he accompanied me to hospital, wait for my therapy for hours. When I was a model, I mean when I still active as a model, she always wait for hours during the fashion show, during the photoshoot. When I was hit the rock bottom this year, my mom still beside me, no matter what. When I couldn't sleep for a couple month, she sleep next to me and she stroked my head only for make me fall asleep. I realize that my mom are my superhero and also my dad, my family. I really ignore them for many years but now I realize that how important they are in my life. God change me a lot and God change my point of view about my family. When my relationship with God got healed, my relationship with my family got healed too.
As long as I can and as long as they still alive and healthy, I'll do my best to make them proud. I'll do my best to paid all of the things that I've done before that makes them disappoint and very sad.

Well, I gave my mom a surprise yesterday. I bought her a handbag. She's want a black handbag. Last time, I accompanied her to a mall and we were looking for a bag but it's really hard to found what she's want. While my mom already slept, I browse online a handbag in the middle of the night, and I found it. At that time, I was in doubt "what if my mom doesn't like the bag?" but when I check the stock, it was only one and the price is quite cheap then ain't nobody got time for bought my mom's present because this week I'm gonna busy making cookies and some christmas event. Beside that now I stay in Manado which is so far away from my hometown Jakarta so when I take too long for order it won't arrived in Manado on time. I decided to bought it. Thank God, it's arrived D-1 from mother's day and yesterday when I gave to my mom, she looks so happy and speechless that I bought her that bag. It wasn't a branded bag like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, nor Hermes but I bought it the best that I can with my own money for my super mom. I love you so much mom and thank you for everything! Last but not least, happy mother's day to all of super mom out there :)

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