By stephanie sjan - January 22, 2018

Hello! Today's post will be my outfit post. Last time I wore my cousin dress and actually she has so many dress in her wardrobe but she doesn't have confidence to wear it (or I guess she rarely wear it). My cousin choose her dress for me to wear it and take some photos for my blog. I wore a simple stripe dress and it's unbranded dress, I love simple things. Let's talk the materials, it is so thin and comfortable to wear it during summer and it made from cotton. The dress looks girly and I think it's perfect for casual day out. I style it with my messy bun hair and my current favorite shoes. Well, if you have some styling sense, don't be afraid to apply it on your basic dress but for me, I prefer this look simple and keep it minimalist. Anyway scroll down for details :)

Dress - Unbranded (borrowed my cousin)

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