By stephanie sjan - January 12, 2018

Hello! Sorry for my lack blog post because I'm quite busy accompanied my brother sight-seeing around Manado. Today post is about my outfit and it was taken last year on Christmas day two. I visited my cousin home and had a chance to took some of my outfit photos there.
I wore casual pattern t-shirt that my cousin gave to me and I mix n match with my cousin denim vest to make the look more playful. I also wore my unbranded shorts and baker boy hat and then matching the casual style with my old converse. Anyway the t-shirt materials is so comfy and absorb the sweat too. The price is so cheap, I ask my cousin how much is it and she said only 30.000 (IDR). What do you think about that t-shirt?

T-shirt - Gifted
Vest - Borrowed my cousin
Hat - Unbranded
Shorts - Unbranded
Sneakers - Converse

Bonus photo with my beloved brother

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