By stephanie sjan - February 01, 2018

Hello guys! Time flies so fast and January is already end and now we face the new month, February. The month of love some people said but for me I guess this month is a month of chocolate. Today my cousin got a chocolate from neighboor and then she share together the chocolate with us (all of the family member). Then 2 days ago I went to the supermarket and I saw there's lot of chocolate promotion already. I think I want buy some later. Oh and this month some people also celebrate Chinese New Year. Wow! The month between love, chocolate, and money (LOL!).

Well, talking about the outfit I already prepare some outfit photos for you. You will often see I wear a dress for my next blog post in this month. Today, I share my outfit of the day with you by wore my cousin dress and a pair of boots. I'm not the type of woman that wear high heels everyday, like I ever said before I always prefer boots or sneakers for daily. By the way, I didn't brought many dress from Jakarta so some dress that I wear is my cousin's dress. She has lot of dress but she doesn't have confident to wear it so I guess I will play her wardrobe more often to find hidden treasure to wear.

Dress - Borrowed from my cousin

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