By stephanie sjan - March 14, 2018

Do everything in your life with full of heart. Don't get scared to show who you really are. Always believe that everything will be okay in His time. Love yourself like there's no one in this world can love you more than yourself. Think twice before you make a decision because there are a price to paid after you take a decision. Remember, there's always hope in every pain. Enjoying every day life like you dance in the rain and there's no one watching, you enjoying every move you make even you move with an awkward steps and you really enjoying yourself.

Dress - Indryana Ramli (alternate link click here)
Shoes - Yongki Komaladi (local brand)
Hair - Ayi Wahdeni
Photographer - Jill
Location: Malalayang, Manado City - North Sulawesi - Indonesia

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