By stephanie sjan - March 16, 2018

The shadow of the past doesn't matter anymore. Let the past be the lesson and let's make a better future. We can not change the past but we always have a chance to change the future. Make the right desicion and the right steps. Everyday you wake up, be thankful that God is making you still alive and breathing. Some people maybe died at the same time you wake up. Be happy and be you everyday. Remember if the past doesn't matter anymore to you, you've did something great.

Dress - Indryana Ramli (alternate link click here)
Shoes - Yongki Komaladi (local brand)
Hair - Ayi Wahdeni
Photographer - Jill
Location: Malalayang, Manado City - North Sulawesi - Indonesia



If you guys inspired by maxi dress that I wore above, don't worry you can find any type of dress here in and especially if you looking for women maxi dress for any occasion please click here. I hope it will helps you to find a dress that you really want.

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