By stephanie sjan - May 05, 2018

Hello! How are you guys? I hope you all are good. I've been busy since last month, I have something lot of to do until I forgot to choose and edit many photos in my file and then I almost forgot to update my blog (apologize for that) but I tried my best to making a blog post at least twice in a week. I saw on the calender that this month we have some of "red days" which is means a short holiday. What do you usually do when it's short holiday guys? For me, I really love go to the beach, sits, and enjoy the view. I can't swim and I'm affraid to sink but I really love go to the beach just for sits and enjoy the view and sometimes I do a daydream while I enjoy the view (LOL). I feel a little bit relax and "peace" when I see the ocean and hear the sound of waves, I feel like "free" and can I mention it that I'm such a tropical girl or yes I'm a tropical girl because I live in tropical country, Indonesia (LOL). Oh gosh, I really in love with beach vibes. Do you? Tell me about yours :)

Location: Malalayang Beach, North Sulawesi - Indonesia

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