By stephanie sjan - May 01, 2018

Hello! How are you guys? Today post is about travel post. Last time I visited a beautiful hills name Tetempangan Hills (in Indonesian language Bukit Tetempangan). It's located at Koha village, Pineleng, Minahasa Regency, North Sulawesi - Indonesia. I'm not sure in what time they open the place but the only thing I know they close at 6 PM. When I came to this breathtaking place, we must paid for entrance but I forgot how much but I remember it's so cheap not expensive and you can enjoy the breathtaking views. They also have a small canteen selling some food for visitors. Not only you can enjoy the view but this place also become famous because the skyline so that's why people called this place Manado Skyline Tetempangan Hills. Last time I ask a guide there how much to try parasailing, for local visitors they charge Rp 700.000 and for tourist they charge Rp 1.000.000. Well, it's quite expensive but I guess it's worth between the view and the price (LOL) and also it's one of my bucket list too. So if you have time to travel and love to try extreme sports, I suggest you to visit this place. You can ask local people in Manado to visit this place anyway.

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