By stephanie sjan - August 09, 2018

Hello! How are you guys? I hope you all good. Today's post is black and white post. I edit my photos into black and white because it looks like simple and minimalist. Then the outfit that I wore was a basic outfit, T-shirt and black jeans and I pair it with my favorite boots. I wish sometimes that my life are so minimalist like my outfit but I know it's impossible because life feels like you ride a roller coaster sometimes you're gonna ups and down. There's always a black and the white side, right? The right choice that I ever made was surrender all things in God hands. It's not make it everything easy but at least I didn't take all of the heavy burdens alone. 

Actually, since I gave my life to serving God, my daily life turns into productive day. In the past I felt like my days was so flat but now seems like I ride a roller coaster and I'm not lying, it was scared me but by time goes on, I feel more peace, I learn to enjoy every season in my life, I learn to be grateful everyday, I learn to enjoy every responsibility God gave to me. And yes, my story aren't end yet. There are lot of story in the future. So, this is the main reason why I rarely update my blog and to be honest I almost forget with this blog (please forgive me) but then I think I should taking care my blog as much as I can. If you guys miss me, you can follow my Instagram here, because I'm quite active updating my Instagram than this blog LOL!

T-shirt - Old Navy
Jeans - Unbranded

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