By stephanie sjan - September 01, 2018

It's already September and there's lot of things happen in August. I should made an important decision last month, I've been struggle for something that really made me exhausted. But I feel grateful about that because in my weakness God show His power on me. I can't thank enough for what God has done for me. It makes me remind more and more that we as a human have a limited ability, we can not do all things by myself, we need God. I don't know what will happen this month but I surrender what will happen next in God hands. Are you excited for this month? :)

By the way, let's talk about an outfit that I wore. Two months ago (if I'm not mistaken), I received a batik flap skirt from my mentor. That flap skirt really fits on me and super duper cool. Love the cutting too. I think a flap skirt is a best option if you want to create an edgy or feminine looks. Here's how I rocked that look, scroll down :)

T-shirt (worn as an inner) - Gifted
Jacket - NYLA (Local Brand)
Skirt - Gifted

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