By stephanie sjan - September 24, 2018

Well, since I've decided to follow God's calling into my life to be a leader for a small group in my church my life have been changed a lot. I often met many people just for heard they shared their problems or we've just had a small deep talk, and also I got lot of works to do like follow up the new members, making a plan, and so on. It's hectic for me but I don't know how or why, I just keep walking through it. Even sometimes I felt "I can't do this" but in actually, I've made it. I think that's God's provide me a lot. He helps me in every situation. To be honest, I'm easily worried but then since I learn to trust God, everything is like you walking and enjoying the view, you feel peace, chill, relax, and you enjoy it. Can you imagine that? It's like someone told you "Hey! I got your back. Chill". Everything may be not end up easily or same like my expectation but I just learn to trust God wherever He wants me to go or do and I find my happiness in Him. God knows how to makes me chill and smile again :)

Outfit that I wore was a simple and casual. At that time, we've been celebrated Independence Day of Indonesia so I just followed the theme to wore a red and white same like our flag nation. Yes I know it is an late outfit post and I'm sorry for my lack update of my blog since a couple months ago.

Tops (worn as an inner) - Unbranded
Blazer - Vintage
Pants - Unbranded
Shoes - Unbranded

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