By stephanie sjan - December 07, 2018

Hello! It's already December a month of happiness said many people. Time flies so fast and we gonna waiting to celebrate christmas and new year. Lately, I don't feel good. I feel something missing. It makes me quite sad lately. I end up my birthday last week on 2nd December with tears and I felt like I'm on under preassure. I thought I need some space for myself and gave myself some rest. I went to mall alone, I watched Bohemian Rhapsody movie alone, I ate alone, and it feels good. Then, I did something that I like, you know, styling some clothes - take a pictures - and posting to my blog. I don't know where's my blog will take me, but for now, I just do it because I love to do it.

Talking about the outfit, I wore something bright to cheers me up. I bought some sunflowers as some additional things for my outfit photos. I wore a beautiful bright dress from Indonesia's designer called Paulina Katarina. This dress fresh from Jakarta Fashion Week 2019 runway (click here). I love this dress so much! So lovely isn't it? It made me looks so feminine and cheers me up with the color and also the right decision that I made: brought the sunflowers with me. Anyway, this dress also you can rent it from Style Theory. You just need to download for free at App Store or Google Play Store - then subscribe monthly - and then chill you don't need to be afraid "I have nothing to wear today!" Style Theory is the answer! Just choose what you want to wear - they will send it - and it's up to you when you will return it! FREE DELIVERY COST + FREE LAUNDRY! Such a helpfull apps for every women that have problems "I have nothing to wear today!"

Earrings - Yayang Accessories

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