By stephanie sjan - January 11, 2019

Hello! Back again with me! Lately, I got surprise like I never imagine or thinking before. One of pastor at my church ask me to lead a pray for morning prayer gathering tomorrow and this is my very first time guys! I'm so nervous. Then yesterday, one of leader at my church ask me to join with World Generation Gathering 2019 on 23-26 January 2019. It is like youth conference and Indonesia will be a host. Wow!! I'm so excited guys and actually we should register and paid but for me it is free and I will go there with some of young people from my church. I hope it will be going so well *fingercross*. And last but not least, a leader from a small community group in my church invite me to sharing in his small community group. Really, I can't describe in words, it is totally blessing and I can't thank enough to God for this opportunity at the first month of 2019! What about yours?


Shirt - Kowtow
Jeans - Alice McCall
Bag - Vintage
Watch - VNC
Shoes - Donatello

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