By stephanie sjan - February 04, 2019

Hello guys! Happy Chinese New Year 2019 to those that celebrate it. This year I celebrate Chinese New Year with my family. Actually, we're never celebrate it but I don't know why this year finally I can feel the sensation of Chinese New Year vibes in my family. We just spent our time at home by eat dinner together, took family photos with red clothes before we started dinner, we eat delicious fruits too, and we had great talk together. It felt so amazing! I never felt like this before at Chinese New Year eve. Also, in CNY we have a tradition to give money to people that they're not married yet and it's called "Angpao" and I'm waiting for that "Angpao" tomorrow from my parents (LOL). And by the way tomorrow I also gonna have a brunch with my friends and we gonna celebrate Chinese New Year together. So in the CNY eve I celebrate with my family but tomorrow I'm gonna celebrate with my friends.

For the outfit, I tried my first time ever to wear a "Cheongsam". A kind of chinese dress. I'm quite shy to wore this cheongsam but hey! let's try something new. Anyway that's my first cheongsam dress ever! What do you think guys?



Cheongsam Dress - Elainnshop
Shoes - Donatello
Earrings - Yayang Accessories

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