By stephanie sjan - February 13, 2019

2 days ago, I walked to found some food for lunch and I walked into my school. In front of my school there are many street food so I decided to go there. I saw many student just finish their school hours and my heart was like I miss my high school moment. I miss some of my friends, I had bad and good memories there, but most of all I miss the food at the canteen (LOL). If I can turn back the time, I want to back to my high school and... fix things that need to be fixed :)

So, today's outfit post I got inspired by high school era. I decided to dress up like a student. I wore tartan/plaid details and wore bagpack to make it look alike a student. It seems like japanese or korean look, isn't it? What do you think? Do I look alike a student?


Top - 2NDDAY
Skirt - Preppy Me (local brand)
Socks - Reebok
Shoes - Yongki Komaladi (local brand)

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