By stephanie sjan - February 18, 2019

I'm just an ordinary woman who try to enjoy the life and live the life. I never imagine and never thought that I will walk so far in this life. I experince bad and good things, I make mistake, I learn many things, I received loves, chances that I never expected. I remember the bible verse on Philippians 4:13 said "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me". God is so good and maybe some people that said "life is a journey" is right. Life is a journey. Just live it, feel it, and enjoy it. When you feel sad, when you feel happy, when you feel low, when you feel up, when you're poor, when you're rich, good or bad, we need to enjoy it. We can do all things because we have God beside us. We can do the good or bad because God walk with us. The more I follow Him, I can see clearly of myself in Him, I really love, care and respect of myself, because I know that my life isn't about me but is all about Him.

Sometimes, I also feel depressed too, I'm worried too much, I overthinking and it makes me over-reaction too but I'm only human. I'm not perfect. But when God still give me a chance to wake up in the next day, I know He still give me a new chance to be a better person and to learn from my mistake. I'm grateful with my life that I have right now, do you?



Tanktop (worn as an inner) - Unbranded
Cardigan - Fifilles De Paris
Skirt - Unbranded
Earrings - Yayang Accessories
Watch - VNC

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