By stephanie sjan - April 21, 2019

Hello guys! Happy Passover from Indonesia! I wish you guys have a blessed day. This passover day, I got a previllege from God, I got an invitation to shared God's words at youth service at my church. I was happy, excited, but nervous at the same time. But yeah.. I believe and trust Him, He will guide me. I just remember the passover two years ago, my life such a mess, my heart was broken inside, I felt like I'm so worthless but I don't know how God makes me into something this year. I could shared His words at youth service this morning, I got a promotion from Him. I feel extremely joyfull inside my heart right now. I wish you guys realize that you guys are so precious in His eyes and He loves you no matter what :)

Dress (worn as a top) - Migle + Me
Skirt - IF&N
Shoes - Donatello

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