By stephanie sjan - April 30, 2019

Hello guys! How are you? I hope you all in good condition. Have you ever felt like you can't do this? I do guys right now. I feel like I have a heavy burdens on my shoulder. I feel like I want give up right now. I'm panic, nervous, blank, and I don't know what I must to do. Sounds like I'm complaining right? But that's what I feel right now. I can't stop crying. I thank God for every chances that He gave to me but the more He gave me "promotion" I feel like there's "goliath" in front of me. I feel the pressure. I feel like I was drowning. My mind is full. I need God.

Dress - Gifted
Clutch - Mom's Clutch
Earrings - Yayang Accessories
Watch - VNC
Heels - Yongki Komaladi

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