By stephanie sjan - June 12, 2019

Oh hi guys! How are you? I miss my blog and of course you guys my awesome visitors and readers. I'm quite busy with some things and will be share in the next post I think. My life seems like a roller coaster lately and the only thing I can do is I tried to enjoy the ride eventhough I want to stop it. I feel exhausted too and I need take some time alone but oh God, I wish I can do that. I need short getaway to calming myself. Even I forgot that I have this blog. It's almost one month I didn't check my blog and today I feel happier when I see my blog, my virtual diary.

Actually, I do not have many new photo in my gallery and this post I only share my old photos that already taken couple months ago. Simple and kinda lazy outfit I ever wore. I stop for a while at a bridge near my home and asked my mom to took me some photo. Such a random things.

T-shirt - Rumah Junior Foundation (already sold)
Short Pants - Charm
Sandals - Cortica

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