By stephanie sjan - September 30, 2019

I wanted to give up on my blog. I feel it's useless making this blog. No sponsors, no advertising, no project, and maybe my blog just a trash. Nobody's looking or even notice my blog. It's so tiring doing some stuffs and never be appreciate. Even I stop to attend fashion week anymore. It's useless and so tiring. I want give up with my dream. I don't expect more from this blog. I didn't find any agencies that want represent me. I've been tired of fight for something that useless. I've been tired with all my life and myself. I'm suffering with my mental illness. I'm so tired of making all effort. I don't know what I must to do right now. I feel so tired. I'm so depressed with my life. I can't find anything worth. I often feel so lonely in a crowd place. No, I don't need someone to cheers me, it's enough.

Jacket - Heartfeel
Bra Sport - Wacoal
Pants - Unbranded
Watch - VNC
Shoes - Dr. Martens

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  1. I like your work and photos. We can't control what other people like though. You aren't really alone--I had my own blogs before and no one commented on them either. Try to find what makes you happy and just do that...