By stephanie sjan - January 21, 2020

I went to a museum last week, name Fatahillah Museum. The Jakarta History Museum, also known as Fatahillah Museum or Batavia Museum, is located in the Old Town of Jakarta, Indonesia. The building was built in 1710 as the Stadhuis of Batavia. It's located at Jalan Taman Fatahillah No 1 West JakartaTo get there, you can use the TransJakarta bus going to Kota from Blok-M (Corridor 1). Stop at the last terminal, Kota. It'll be a couple of blocks away to the museumThis is one of the museum you must to visit when you come to Jakarta. Beside that, near the museum there's lot of street food and cafe that sell good food too. In case if you wondering what's inside of the museum and around just scroll down ;)

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