By stephanie sjan - January 09, 2020

Last year still on during my holiday beside I visited museum on my previous post here, I also visited mangrove forest in Jakarta. It's located at Jl. Garden House | Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK), North Jakarta. It is also located near with big buddhist temple name Buddha Tzu Chi. I hard to explain the location because it such a hidden place in Jakarta but you can ask local people there with this keyword "mangrove forest near Buddha Tzu Chi". Beside it is hidden place, another reason because there are 3 mangrove forest in Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) area but the most beautiful and most people come and even you can make pre-wedding photoshoot too is mangrove forest near Buddha Tzu Chi. I went there with my friend by motorcycle, the ticket price is IDR 55.000 (including entrance ticket & parking ticket) for motorcycle. I don't know how much if you go there by car (maybe a little bit costly). I suggest you to went there by motorcycle or car (you can ask for local rental in Jakarta) because no public transportation reach that location.

I hope my little explanation can help you but if you don't, you can google it. Enough for that explanation, let's scroll down for the view that I capture there. Enjoy! Kindly note, this place is so big and at that time I couldn't able to look around because it's raining. I hope when raining season has over, I can go there to look around.

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