By stephanie sjan - April 22, 2020

Hello! It's been a long time since the last time I update my blog. How are you guys? I hope you guys in good condition and please stay safe, stay clean, and stay healthy during this global pandemic.

Today post I will write an article about shapewear. Talk about shapewear means it can not be separated from body type. While maybe this topic is quite sensitive for some people especially women. Since nowadays we often heard or maybe we experience it ourselves about body shaming. Actually, I ever experience it when I was in high school. I was so skinny in the past and some of friends called me "kutilang darat" it means kurus tinggi langsing dada rata. In english it means body shaming like you are so skinny, tall, and you have tiny boobs and they mocking me in that way. It hurts me at that time.

Time flies but now the body shaming is going to be cruel than before since we become a social media addict and we create a hashtag like "body goals" and something like that and most of our time, we spending to scroll down on any social media and look at another women's body that so perfect than us, six pack than us, skinny than us and we started to comparing their body with us. Yes, we often feel ungrateful with the body that God gave for us. The worst part is we often starting diet, i mean a strict diet but not in a good and healthy way and wrong motivation. We started to workout like crazy but most people started diet or workout in wrong and unhealthy way because their not want to having a healthy and clean lifestyle but because their hate their body, they want their body looks like any models and some of them that desperate to create their "body goals" and ends up with eating disorder.

It's so sad. But then beside of body shaming and "body goals" that you created, some people starting to love and cares their body like you should do it because if not you then who's else? Some people do not doubt or feel shame to show off their curves. Like nowadays there are so many model agency that accepted curves model, so many social media influencer in many body types. And not forget to mention there are so many clothing line, swimwear, and even shapewear for any body sizes. I found a great website that sell shapewear for any sizes name COSMOLLE SHAPEWEAR

I like their mission to support any women in any sizes, to help you enhance your own silhouette and show off your unique beauty. Whether that's rocking at work, travelling the globe, pre or post pregnancy or for particularly indulgent brunch, their here to support any women for every step along that journey. We all women knows how difficult for us to finally find a good, comfortable, and perfect size shapewear for us. Especially for women after gave birth, most of them need a comfortable shapewear. But no worries ladies, in COSMOLLE SHAPEWEAR, you can find body sharper for women that will suitable for you. Scroll down for some product of body sharper for women that I love from them and you can click the pictures to direct incase you interest to buy it.

Yes, of course not forget to tell you ladies, that they also sell best seamless shapewear that so comfortable and makes you easy to move and you can still breathing normally. Here's some product that I recommended to you ladies.

There is nothing sexier than being comfortable, looking good, and feeling confident. Don't forget love your body no matter what. 

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