By stephanie sjan - May 26, 2020

While I had sunbathing 2 weeks ago, I heard a podcast from Ps. Steven Furtick from Elevation Church. I just randomly found their podcast and then I started to subscribed. On that day I heard a podcast with title A Lesson In Letting Go and I felt so blessed with their podcast. I wrote on my notes the points and wanted to share with you guys here through my blog. I hope it will blessed you either you believe in God or not.

🕊 Before God gives us a new blessing, He wants to give us a new baseline.
🕊 It's not how much weight you were lifting, it's how hard you were gripping it.
🕊 You could lift a lot more if you were losing your grip. If you hold it differently, you can handle it.
       You can get there if you let go. Let go and let God.
🕊 Your "new normal" in this season is not whether God changes your heart but whether you change
       your habits.
🕊 You can't receive what is now when you hold to what is old.

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