By stephanie sjan - June 03, 2020

It's already June! We're on half of this 2020 journey and honestly this pandemic made me forgot that I ever had a normal life from January until in the first week of March. Today, I heard from youtube a daily devotional from Ps. Philip Mantofa, senior pastor from local church Mawar Sharon Church.
I just want to share with you some points and maybe it will helps you in the middle of this craziness and uncertainty. He shared about how to succeed in prison of our souls? Based on Joseph story in the bible.

🌻 Find something to look forward to
      Find something SIMPLE to look forward to.

🌻 Love what you do
      If you no longer can do what you love (just in case you've been fired from your job) but you
      always can find something to do. Your hands can always find something that it can do. If you can
      not do what you love, can't just love what you do.

🌻 Love the people around you
      Love them like crazy, love them to the max! Because love never fails.

The window of your soul is your vision, is your hope.

Shirt - Uniqlo X JW Anderson
Shorts - Unbranded
Boots - Dr Martens

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