By stephanie sjan - June 13, 2020

It's already 1:32AM at Jakarta - Indonesia and I can't sleep maybe because I got insomnia since a long time so that's why I'm more active at middle night than morning or afternoon. It makes me realize that I'm a night person and mostly some ideas and inspiration comes at night. Tonight, I remember I have an old email from my previous fashion boutique that I ever worked with in 2015 and there are some of my portfolio in that email. I'd never post it before so tonight I want to share with you guys in a #THROWBACK post.

Actually I worked as a fashion model since I was 17 years old and I did my walk on runway in a small event until I end up working at the local fashion boutique. I'm not a professional model but I'd loved to do modeling, before I did my modeling career, I also take a short course for modeling and I learned how to walk like a model, pose, acting, and so on. But since I gave up with my modeling so maybe today I forget a little about that lesson and I'm so awkward in front of the camera. Honestly, when I worked at this fashion boutique company in 2015, I'm not grew enough and I couldn't learned so much, all I did was a same pose over and over again and I couldn't explore anything until I resign from that company. Here's some old portfolio and old me back in 2015.

Honestly I kinda miss modeling. I miss walk on the runway, I miss wore designer clothes, shoes, accessories, I miss met new people that work at the same industry, I miss backstage situation, I miss dressed up by professional, I miss the experience than the salary, I miss photoshoot too. Maybe if there's photographer read this, if you come to Jakarta - Indonesia and need model for fashion model you can contact me and with pleasure I will help you. I need to learn again and explore my skill again.

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