By stephanie sjan - July 17, 2020

Today's post is a sponsored post that I received last week and also this is my first post about beauty. So last week I received some makeup like eyeshadow, lipstick, and eyebrows from Y.O.U. By the way, for you Indonesian people you can shop Y.O.U product by click here. It's 100% original products by Y.O.U and the price is so affordable. Let's scroll down to see the products!

Rouge Velvet Matte Lip Cream: 02 Naked

These are the results! For the eyebrows, it doesn't look too obvious on me because I have naturally thick eyebrows so I just used that eyebrow sculptor very thinly. Besides that, that was my first time used an eyebrow sculptor by myself, and no kidding it was so hard for me.
Then for the lips, I love the natural color of Rouge Velvet Matte Lipe Cream 02 Naked. It's perfect for daily use.

The Simplicity Eyeshadow Quad: 03 Street

I combine all the eyeshadow color

These are the result of eyeshadow! I love the color so much! It looks so soft and perfect for daily use too. 

The Simplicity Love You Tint: 02 Peachy Orange

If you wanted such a Korean look, I recommend The Simplicitiy Love You Tint 02 Peachy Orange! I never use lip tint before but the result is quite nice.

These are the result Color Stay Matte Lipstick 06 Scarlet! That red color is so bold and perfect for night occasion. It gives you a look of sexy lips. I love it!

Color Stay Matte Lipstick: 06 Scarlet

Supreme Matte Lipstick: 03 Calla 
These are the result of Supreme Matte Lipstick 03 Calla! If you love bright colors but not too bold, I recommend this one. You can use either for a daily or night occasion. 

That's all some of Y.O.U products update! Overall, I love the color and the soft texture of their products. Especially their lips products since I love to use lipstick and because I rarely makeup so I just use only lipstick for my daily. So if you wanted to buy their product please visit their online store here. See you in another post guys!

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