By stephanie sjan - July 26, 2020

Hello guys! How are you? I hope you all well. Since in Jakarta-Indonesia, we're already having new normal so I have a new habit too. Like I said in my previous post, I will start to do jogging and yes it's already a month I started to do jogging. It makes my body healthier and my mind fresher, I was too lazy to do some exercise especially jogging/running but once I tried, I can't help to do it more and more. It's good to have 2 or 3 days a week to do it. I'm not a pro runner but at least I take a small step to living a healthy lifestyle. Actually, I do not have any activewear or running shoes so if you guys wanted to sponsor it, I'm so appreciated and just send me an email. Thank you!

PS: In this photo, I wear a mask only to take a photo but when I run I'm not wearing the mask.

T-shirt - Specs
Legging Pants - Unbranded
Shoes - Reebok

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