By stephanie sjan - December 03, 2020

Yesterday was my birthday and because this pandemic is not over yet so I just had a simple dinner with my parents and my fiancé at home. My parents just cook a red bean soup with meat and grilled pork. We have enjoyed our dinner last night and then my fiancé bought a cake for me and we ate together. I have a specific wish this year and I brought into my prayer so it's secret :) only I and God knows. I wanted to share happiness from last night, enjoy!

Funny letter from my Fiancé :)))

Cake from Celestreat! I love cheese and they gave a lot of cheese on the top of the cake and also you can add a polaroid photo and also get a customs letter for your beloved. Not to forget to mention, the cake itself is so soft, very lite, and not too sweet. It's perfect!

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