By stephanie sjan - January 15, 2021

Hello guys! How are you? I hope you guys stay safe and healthy wherever you are. How's your 2021 so far? Is it good? I hope it is good. Today's post is special because I will discuss elevating your essentials. I think everybody has their own essentials touch to their outfit. For example for me, I can not go without my watch. I feel something is missing when I forget to wear my watch. Do you ever feel the same? Like you forget to wear your accessories or your favorite cardigan maybe and you feel something missing. Today's post I and a watch brand called Thümm & Co will help you to elevate your essentials from head to toe. Let's start it!


For those that complete every out t with a headpiece, swapping out a dad hat for a beanie is a great trick to keep it clean. For example below, I choose a casual outfit or let I said a "basic" outfit then I choose a simple yet bright color of a beanie.


I love wearing a cardigan because it keeps me warm and I think nowadays there is a lot of model of a cardigan. One of the easiest ways to elevate a t-shirt or hoodie is by layering it. Adding a cardigan to your everyday fit will do just that.


Next is a watch. The best way to bring life to any out t is by adding a watch. Something that goes with any look that you can wear every dayThis one is my essentials. I love wearing watches everywhere I go. Both men and women need at least one or two stylish watches. I can't thank enough finally found a brand called Thümm & Co not only the design but the materials are absolutely great. The quality is so important if you want to buy a watch so make sure you check it first before buying it. They also have both women's and men's watches. Let's scroll down.

Lifestyle Collection





Women's Collection







Dress pants aren’t the only way to look sharp. A crisp pair of well-fitting jeans can make you look better than ever. I love wearing jeans especially boyfriend jeans and high-waist. This is can be some essentials looks to others.  It can be wear to go hang out, casual meetings, and so on, and besides that it is easy to mix n match too.


Sometimes sneakers should stay in the closet, while a sharp pair of leather loafers are used to tie a fit together. This one is also my essentials. I used to addicted to buying shoes especially if the shoes are eye-catchy and comfortable to wear. Because if all of your outfits are perfect but you do not choose the shoes wisely then it will ruin your whole looks. I think leather loafers are still on trend this year.

So, that's all a holiday guide to elevating your essentials. Most of all, just be yourself and do not be afraid to create your own style. 

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