By stephanie sjan - January 04, 2021

Hello guys! First of all, I wanna say Happy New Year! May you guys have a wonderful journey this year. How's your new year so far? Are you excited or the opposite? Whatever it is, just be grateful that we made it through 2020 (what a year!)

Anyway, on December 25 I received a beauty package from Rivera Cosmetics. It is one of Indonesia's cosmetics brand that has a vision LIVE LIFE EMPOWERED. Rivera aspires every woman to live life and be empowered to achieve more in life, has no fear to express herself, and always sees the brighter side of things. 

Talking about makeup, honestly, I didn't into makeup. I rarely use makeup on my face, I just like the bare face. The only cosmetic that I often use is lipstick (LOL). So, in this post don't expect me to makeup like a pro beauty enthusiast. Let's scroll down what I got from Rivera Cosmetics.

I received:

This foundation is so light on my face. It doesn't feel so thick even you can't feel like you use a foundation. Also, it's cover my reddish on my face, acne scars, and it's perfect for sensitive skin like me. It contains SPF 20, PA++, and oil control too.

It's a powder and perfect with the foundation. It is light too and even you can feel like your skin breathing.

This one is eyebrow matic, easy to use but since I didn't use any eyebrow makeup so I don't know how to use this one. I just use it as I knew in my mind and because I have an original thick eyebrow and quite black so I just use it just a little. I do not want my eyebrow to look so thick.

This one is a bold lipstick color and surprisingly it is matte but it feels so light on my lips even it doesn't make my lips dry. I love the color too.

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