By stephanie sjan - January 26, 2021

Hello guys! How are you? I hope you guys in a good condition, healthy, and happy. In today's post I will introduce you guys to a local shampoo brand, called SERASOFT. Serasoft is a serum shampoo and the first shampoo with DGA serum that makes it 5x faster to nourishing and caring your hair, so it makes your hair easy to styling.

That shampoo itself has 3 variants:
1. Hair Fall Treatment. It contains Sophora Roots which helps to treat hair loss problems.
2. Shiny Black. It contains Black Sesame which helps to restore your natural hair's shining.
3. Dandruff Treatment. With ZPT in it will help you that have a dandruff problem.

Not forget to mention that the shampoo itself smells good! Unfortunately, it's only sold in Indonesia (I guess). So for Indonesian, let's try this shampoo and tell your story after using it in the comment below.

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