By stephanie sjan - February 05, 2021

Hello guys! How are you? I hope you guys in safe and healthy condition. Remember to wear your mask, wash your hands or using hand sanitizer, avoid the crowd, rest well, eat healthily food, and keep pray that this virus will be gone as soon as possible. 

Last week, I found a new spot for OOTD in my hometown. It is Sky Bridge Taman Anggrek, so it is a bridge that extends between an apartment called Taman Anggrek Residence and Taman Anggrek Mall
Since covid, I didn't go there but last week I got my self bored so I went there just for sightseeing for a while. I used to go to the mall before this pandemic and this is one of my favorite malls in my hometown (Jakarta). I'm quite shocked because there are many stores (clothing, food, etc) closed because of this pandemic. But there are new stores too that opened in this mall too. Anyway, back to the Sky Bridge, it looks like I'm abroad or maybe like I'm in the airport ready to traveling soon. It's going to be a new place for OOTD for Jakarta's people.

Tops- Marks & Spencer
Pants - Uniqlo
Bag - Tamay
Shoes - Reebok

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