By stephanie sjan - January 04, 2022

Shampoo sample from L'occitane I got several variants. There are gentle & balance, volume & strength, and intensive repair. All of the scents are calming typical of L'occitane's shampoo and all the shampoos are non-silicone, so don't be surprised if the foam isn't too much, but it feels a bit like a doormat when you wash your hair.

Intensive repair shampoo & conditioner: this is suitable for damaged, dry, and brittle hair. Makes hair easier to manage after shampooing and makes it smoother. The conditioner, it's not too thick, the texture is light.

Volume & strength shampoo: helps strengthen and thicken brittle hair. After wash, the hair is easy to manage. But I personally don't like this one because the next day my hair becomes a bit limp and my scalp itches.

Gentle & balance: this one is suitable for all hair types, it helps to clean dirt and excess oil while protecting and maintaining the natural balance of the scalp (PH Balance). This is what I like the most and fits perfectly. Because it reduces itching on my sensitive scalp, the next day I don't wash my hair, it's still good. Even though I don't use conditioner, my hair is still soft, not limp, easy to manage too. Still going back and forth to buy gentle & balance because the price is also over budget for me.

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