By stephanie sjan - January 04, 2022

I got a sample from NARS Cosmetics so this is Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 30/PA+++, the texture is similar to BB cream and can be used as a primer or as a substitute for foundation. The texture is really light and easy to blend.

I got several shades and the ones I have tried are the Finland and Gotland shades. The Finland one is suitable for a slightly light face tone, when I use it, it's fine, but it does tone up a bit so it looks like white, but not too much, it's still ok. Well, this Gotland is suitable for those with slightly beige skin tones. Because it's a little darker than Finland and the Gotland one really blends in with my skin tone.

I also like this Tinted Moisturizer because the results are dewy, and there is a hydrating effect too. After all, if you want to clean it, it's also easy, you don't need extra. I've been using it for almost a month and it doesn't make any pimples or blackheads.

As for the price, it's over budget for me, but I think I'll buy the full-size because it's really comfortable to wear. Anyway, it has a lot of shades, so all you have to do is ask the beauty advisor and match your facial tone when you come to their store or at Sephora, it seems there are.

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